Thursday, March 9, 2023

Song Hye-kyo says Dong-eun’s plans to explode in ‘The Glory’ part 2

Song Hye-kyo says Dong-eun’s plans to explode in ‘The Glory’ part 2: Part 2 of the hit Korean drama “The Glory” will be released on Netflix on March 10 and actress Song Hye-kyo gave a hint about her character.  “The Glory” stars Korean actress Song Hye-kyo as Moon Dong-eun, who takes revenge against those who bullied her in high school.  “The Glory” (Netflix) Part 1 of the drama, consisting of eight episodes, was released by Netflix on Dec. 30. Part 2, also with eight episodes, will be available on March 10.  Ahead of the release, Song Hye-kyo and the other cast members of the drama, writer  Kim Eun-sook and director An Gil-ho discussed part 1 and what people can expect in part 2 during a press conference in Seoul on March 8.  Song Hye-kyo, who earned praises for her portrayal of Dong-eun in the drama, gave a hint about the finale.  “In part 1, there were plans laid out by Dong-eun and they will all explode in part 2. That’s what I think,” she said.  When asked about her memorable lines in “The Glory” part 1, Song Hye-kyo said, “As I said a lot, this line represents Dong-eun: ‘There’s no forgiveness, there will be no glory.’ That one line represents Dong-eun the best. No forgiving also and I become a perpetrator also and I won’t take glory from it. I’ll take my revenge but I’ll sink with you. It means that.”  She added, “So that line touched me and it was Moon Dong-eun itself. What made me sad is in part 1, she goes to her senior. ‘You don’t have any fault.’ ‘But I was a child, I was only 18.’ I was so sad when I said that.” During the filming, according to Song Hye-kyo, she suffered because of the makeup to show Dong-eun’s scars.  “It took a lot for the makeup of Dong-eun’s scars in the ending of episode 6.It took four, five hours for the makeup not wearing clothes. I didn’t eat for three days and not even drank water the day before so the makeup made me tired even before shooting,” she revealed.  She said, “But since I was tired, the scene was portrayed even better but we wore that makeup often so it caused trouble to my skin. So those situations are the most memorable.” Drama fans waited for three months to watch the finale of “The Glory” and Kim Eun-sook said she got so many calls.  “I made a preset of decline text message and just changed name. So many have called me. I’m sorry for not being able to call them all. I saw every single day all the other shows because I was afraid some would beat ours and I got sometimes jealous so I went on to Netflix and just skipped through the shows,” said Kim Eun-sook.  Song Hye-kyo said, “At first, I was with the same with the viewers. I hope it would come out soon but after some time, I started worrying because people might forget us because three months is a long time so maybe they won’t be curious anymore because of other shows. But after some time, people have reviewed it again and again and that relieved me and when I got calls, I just said March 10.”  According to An Gil-ho, “I was the same with the viewers. I got many calls too asking why were are not releasing it sooner.” On the success of “The Glory,” Song Hye-kyo said, “The fact that the show is relatable to everyone and I’m on that series is such an honor for me. I’m grateful for the director and writer.”  “It was tough but I was really happy. The time I could express Moon Dong-eun’s character was not long enough. But the character like Moon Dong-eun still has hope. That she is not just a victim. I could portray that with acting was really happy for me,” she said.  She said, “Also with all the great actors and staff members, it was so good to work with them. Thanks again for the great staff members, director and writer. Thank you for loving our series so much. I’ve never had an event like this in my career so it will be remembered. Please look forward to part 2 as well and tell your friends about it.” The drama also stars Lee Do-hyun, Lim Ji-yeon, Yeom Hye-ran, Park Sung-hoon and Jung Sung-ill. “The Glory” part 2 will be available on Netflix on March 10.
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