Friday, May 4, 2012

Jessica Alba in Seoul: I want to do a movie in Korea

Hollywood star Jessica Alba said she wants to do a movie in South Korea and is looking forward to meeting famed Korean director Park Chan-wook.

Jessica Alba tweeted this picture while they were in Seoul

Jessica Alba wearing a hanbok during the tvN interview, and she and her family in Seoul. (Photos courtesy of tvN, and Alba's Twitter account)

"When do I get to do a movie in Korea? I want to do an action movie here," Alba said on the tvN Korea's talk show "Baek Ji Yeon's People Inside," which was aired on April 30.
Alba, her husband Cash Warren and daughters Honor and Haven went to Seoul last April 21 for a vacation.
She had a great time in Korea, going clubbing, shopping, visiting tourist spots with her family and posing for photos with her Korean fans.
The star was seen in places such as Insadong, Cheangdeokgung Palace, COEX mall and Dongdaemun market.
Her tvN appearance was the only interview that Alba had during her stay in Korea.
In the interview, Alba, who wore hanbok or traditional Korean dress, said she went to Korea after going on vacation in Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan.
"This is our last stop before we head home," adding that there was no special reason why she came to Korea.
"I've always wanted to come here," Alba said.  
Alba also revealed her admiration for Korean director Park Chan-wook and his movie "Old Boy," which won the Grand Prix in the 5th Cannes Film Festival in 2004.
"I'm obsessed with 'Old Boy.' Obsessed like I can't stop thinking about it still: the drama, the action, the violence. I love the revenge movie like I love it," Alba told host Baek.
She said she might faint if she meets Park Chan-wook in person.  
She added that her friends love K-pop.
"All my friends are into pop music that comes out of Korea. All they listen to is Korean pop music. In all the clubs and during the fashion parties and all of that during fashion weeks, everyone's playing Korean pop music," she said.  
Alba said her focus in life totally shifted when she got married and started raising a family. She met Warren during in 2004 and they got married in 2008.
"I was just so driven and focused on my career. And everything just completely shifted around my kids. My whole perspective of what's important has totally and completely shifted to my family," she said.
Alba and her family left Korea on April 25.

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