Thursday, May 10, 2012

Japan, US Top Global Recorded Music Sales

By JONATHAN HICAP, Manila Bulletin
MANILA, Philippines - Japan is now the biggest music market in the world in terms of value of singles, CDs and DVDs sold.
The Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) issued its yearbook "Statistics Trends: The Recording Industry in Japan 2012," which showed that Japan has overtaken the United States in music sales in 2010.
KARA and Girls Generation (Photos by

On the other hand, the K-pop boom in South Korea fueled a growth of 6.4 percent in the number of units sold.
According to RIAJ's global sales of recorded music by country in 2010, Japan is No. 1, earning $4.09 billion from sales of music singles, CDs and DVDs. The US is second, earning $3.63 billion from music sales in 2010.
In terms of the number of units sold, US is No. 1, selling 236.4 million units including 225.8 million CDs compared to Japan, which sold 176.5 million units including 114.5 million CDs and 44.5 million singles.
Overall, Japan had a 25.4 percent global share of sales of recorded music in 2010 while the US had 22.5. In 2009, the US was on top with a 24.5 percent market share while Japan had 22.8 percent.
Annual growth in the number of units sold fell, with Japan experiencing a 7.9 percent decline from 2009 and the US listing a decline of 22.3 percent.
South Korea, the home of K-pop, experienced growth in sales. It earned $116.9 million in 2010, compared to $93.3 million in 2009.
It sold 9.5 million units in 2010 from 9.01 million in 2009. Overall, it ranked as the 21st largest music market in the world.
The Philippines ranked 41st in the 50 countries tallied in the report, selling 2.4 million CDs and DVDs in 2010, a 20.6 percent decline from 2009. It earned $15.6 million, or P706.2 million based on the exchange rate used by RIAJ.
On average, a Filipino spent $0.2 to purchase music based on the total population of 99.9 million used in the report.
The albums that were certified Million (for selling one million copies) in Japan in 2011 were: Lady Gaga's "The Fame Monster," EXILE's "Negainotou," AKB48's "Kokoniitakoto," and Arashi's "Beautiful World."
Overall, the 50 countries raked in $16.14 billion in music sales in 2010.
 The Top 10 most downloaded digital single tracks for mobile phones in Japan in 2011
2. "Sukidayo ~Hyakkai no koukai" by Sonar Pocket
3. "flying get" by AKB48
4. "Everyday, katyusha" by AKB48
5. "100mankai No I love you" by Rake
6. "MISTER" by Korean girl group KARA
7. "Gee" by Korean group Girls Generation
8. "Mata Ashita" by JUJU
10. "MR. TAXI" by Girls Generation
Top 10 music markets in the world in 2010
1. Japan
2. U.S.A.
3. Germany
4. U.K.
5. France
6. Australia
7. Canada
8. Italy
9. Netherlands
10. Brazil

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