Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Seoul Metropolitan Government to Operate Late-night Bus Service Starting April 19

Seoul City will be operating a late-night (midnight~5:00 AM) bus service starting April 19. Initially, the service will be operated for three months on a trial basis. 

Photo by Seoul Metropolitan Government 

The numbers of the buses to be operated will be N ("night") 26 and N37. A total of 12 buses (6 each) will be deployed for the service, covering districts such as Hongik Univ., Jongno, and Gangnam Station where many people carry out activities late at night.

Routes to be covered by late-night buses 
N26: Gangseo Garage ~ Hongik Univ. ~ Sinchon ~ Jongno ~ Cheongnyangni ~ Mangu-ro ~ Jungnang Garage 
N37: Jingwan Garage ~ Seodaemun ~ Jongno ~ Gangnam Station ~ Daechi-dong ~ Songpa Garage

During the trial operation period, the fare will be 1,050 won. After the trial operation, however, the fare will be 1,850 won.

The first bus will start from each garage at midnight; buses will operate with an interval of 35~40 minutes. Daily operation ends with the arrival of the last bus at the other garage on or around 4:55 AM.

You can check the ETA of the late-night bus at each bus stop by using the bus information terminal (BIT) installed at the bus stop, visiting the Seoul Transport Operation and Information Service (TOPIS) mobile web (m.bus.go.kr), or using the Seoul Metropolitan Government Public Transportation App.

Late-night buses will be equipped with LED signboard on the front so that users may see them even at a distance and with over-speeding prevention device.

Seoul Metropolitan Government had bus companies hire the drivers of these buses on the condition that they take a full rest during the day without engaging in other activities for safe operation at night.

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