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Manila Bulletin: Psy's 'Gentleman' reaches 100 million views in 4 days

By JONATHAN HICAP, Manila Bulletin
Korean rapper Psy's "Gentleman" music video has reached a milestone, achieving 100 million views and more than 1 million likes since it was uploaded on YouTube on April 13.

The music video achieved the feat this morning and it continues to rack up more than one million views per hour.

Photos by YG Entertainment
In just four days, "Gentleman" has registered 101,355,837 views, more than one million likes and 500,000 comments.

YG Entertainment posted a chart on Facebook to declare that Psy's new single is "the fastest video to reach 100 million views."

According to the chart, compared to "Gentleman," Psy's "Gangnam Style" reached the 100 million view milestone on Sept. 3, 2012, or about one and a half months since the video was uploaded on YouTube in July last year.

"Gangnam Style" is currently the most viewed video of all time on YouTube with 1.5 billion hits.

Before the release of "Gentleman," critics declared that Psy was a one-hit wonder.

At his press conference last April 13, a day after "Gentleman was released, Psy said he was not concerned about achieving a hit overseas.

"The most enjoyable part of my job is that I can't predict what will happen. They say you'll never know until it actually happens, but my song has been shooting through the roof for over 30 times in my home country. There are some who like it and some who don't, but I'm happy it's doing well in figures," he said, according to ENewsWorld.

He added, "Even if I'm not successful overseas, I don't believe that makes me a one hit wonder. I've lived 12 years as a singer, and I happened to meet with fans overseas. I would be happy if that link lasts, but I'm not really hanging on it. I'll just continue to show them my style, the way I feel it is. If it fits their tastes the ties will continue, and if not, they won't. That's what my job is about."

"Gentleman" has become the most viewed video on YouTube for the month.

As of April 17 on iTunes, "Gentleman" is the No. 1 most downloaded song in the Philippines, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Sweden and Switzerland. The song has risen to No. 14 on US iTunes and is in the top 10 songs in the UK, France, Australia, Austria, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal and Spain.

The music video features the hip-swaying dance move from the Brown Eyed Girls' "Abracadabra."

Psy explained that this is part of his plan to remake dances in Korea and promote it overseas.

"It's a move that's already been released. I took Brown Eyed Girls' [dance for 'Abracadabra'] and changed it to fit me. I plan to continue to remake dances and songs from Korea and take them overseas," he said, according to ENewsWorld.

He reportedly paid copyright fees to the creator of the dance step, Yama & the Hot Chicks, so he could use it in his music video.

The music video was shot just days before his "Happening" concert held in Seoul last April 13.

Psy has been dubbed as a "hallyu preacher" for promoting Korean culture and different places in Korea.

For "Gentleman," the music video was shot in different locations in Seoul and Goyang cities. The opening scene was shot at the 10 Corso Como boutique in Cheongdam in Gangnam, Seoul.

The elevator scene featuring Psy and entertainer Yoo Jae Suk was shot at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel in Seoul.

Other scenes were shot at Seoul Metropolitan Library, Goyang Stadium indoor pool, Ilsan indoor golf driving range, Mapo Bridge and other places at Hallyu World in Ilsan.

The success of Psy's concert and new single has increased the stock value of Psy's agency, YG Entertainment. The company's stock price closed at 85,000 won (P3,129) on April 15, an increase of 13.48 percent, according to the Korea Times.

Psy said he knew that his new song "would be loved by some and hated by others."

"I wondered whether 'mother father gentleman' would sound wrong or whether [some lines] would sound cheap, but I thought this was the time to keep going the Psy way than any other time. One of the two songs (I had to decide on as my promotional single) was pretty high-class, but I chose the one that sounded cheaper to keep my original mindset," ENewsWorld quoted him as saying.

He added that he included the phrase "I am mother father gentleman" as it was easy to pronounce.

"It depends on how you hear it and what you think of it. There's a line that sings 'alangamola' ('I don't know if you know'), and it follows (the) 'Gangnam Style style,' which is a word everyone uses. I tried to find a word like that which would be easy for people to sing along to, and I landed on 'alangamola.' It is true that put a lot of thought into it. I tried to find a phrase that was easy to pronounce like 'Gangnam Style' and I found 'mother father gentleman,'" he said.

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