Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sunye to live in Haiti

By JONATHAN HICAP, Manila Bulletin
Sunye, leader of the Wonder Girls, took to the group’s online fan cafe to announce her plans to move to Haiti with her husband, James Park, in their effort to spread the Gospel to that Caribbean nation.
Sunye (right) and her husband James Park (

She was also quoted on ENewsWorld as saying, “We’ve decided to move to Haiti this July and stay there for about five years. I will continue my activities as a celebrity as an extension to this plan.”
Her statement did not help allay fears about Wonder Girls’ supposed disbanding.
Although JYP Entertainment already denied the rumors, the Wonder Girls has been on hiatus since last year. Last December, Sohee left the group and, subsequently, JYP Entertainment, to sign up with BH Entertainment.
With Sunye now moving to Haiti, the group is now left with only three active members: Yubin, YeEun and Hyelim.
Sunye married Park January last year. She gave birth to a baby girl in October.
In her letter, Sunye said when she experienced seeing people in Haiti dying without knowing the Gospel, “I became embarrassed of myself for having focused only on my personal success.”
She said spending a week in volunteer work in Haiti through her Church program “completely changed the direction of my life.”
“So I decided to live my life spreading the Gospel to people who do not know of it,” she said.
She added, “I became more determined as I got married and had a child and now I will begin my second life with my husband as we make an NGO to spread the Gospel.”
“I thank the Wonder Girls members, company members and fans for understanding and supporting my decision and I will ask for understanding to those who are upset by this, by doing my best,” she said in conclusion.
Active artists under JYP Entertainment include 2PM, 2AM, miss A, GOT7 and Sunmi, a former member of the Wonder Girls.
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