Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Korea Times: Nine-ingredient Wraps (`Gujeolpan')

By Kim Yong-ja

This is one of the most elaborate dishes in Korean cuisine, served as an appetizer in the royal court. Quite often it appears on the cover of a cookbook. “Gujeolpan” is a name of a tray that has nine sections. Nowadays they also make ``Ojeolpan” (Five-Section Tray) as a simplified version.

Gujolpan is usually lacquered or sometime even has mother-of-pearl inlays. Since it is a very time consuming dish to prepare each ingredient separately, it is only natural that you would prefer an elaborate tray to showcase your hard work.

Beef, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, bean sprouts, cucumbers, egg yolks and egg whites are standard ingredients. In old times, chonyop (beef tripes) was a must. But nowadays other available ingredients like abalone, minari (Korean watercress) or zucchini can be used as well.

1 To prepare the mustard paste, mix the mustard powder with water in a small bowl. Keep it covered for 15 minutes to develop a spicy flavor. Prepare the sauce. Set aside. Combine the pancake mix using a whisk. Set aside.

2 Cook the meat first, which has been marinated and then each of the vegetables with a bit of oil. Season lightly with salt and pepper. Make Jidan (Yellow and White Egg Pancakes p. 40). Cut the egg pancakes separately 2½”/6.5 cm long and into thin strips.

3 Place each ingredient in its own section of the tray paying attention to the colors when arranging them. Serve a small portion of the sauce and mustard paste to each person.

4 Heat the frying pan over low heat, drizzle some oil and add a large spoonful of the pancake batter. Spread it by circling with the back of the spoon, to make each pancake 3½”/9 cm in diameter which will fit into the center compartment. It is best to serve this dish while the pancakes are lukewarm.


Mix the mustard paste to the sauce according to the spiciness you want. Place a pancake on the plate, and then put a small amount of each ingredient on the pancake. Wrap it and dip it in the sauce.

INGREDIENTS (serves 4-5)

-1/3 of ``BULGOGI” MARINADE p. 106

-8 oz/225g BEEF SIRLOIN, sliced thin and marinated -VEGETABLE OIL

- 1 pack SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS, cleaned with wet paper towel and sliced

- a handful DRIED SOGI (stone) MUSHROOMS, soaked in water until soft and sliced

- 3 medium CARROTS, cut 2½”/6.3cm long and into thin strips

- 3 small CUCUMBERS, cut 2½”/6.3 cm long, peeled the skin ¹/8”/3 mm thick (discard the inner part) and sliced into thin strips

- a handful of BEAN SPROUTS, tails removed and blanched -ALT and PEPPER

- 4 EGGS, yolks and whites Separated MUSTARD PASTE:

- 5 tablespoons MUSTARD POWDER (or wasabi) -5 tablespoons water SAUCE: 1/3 cup SOY SAUCE 1/3 cup WATER 1/2 teaspoon LEMON JUICE


- 3 tablespoons


- 1 1/2 cups WATER


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