Friday, August 8, 2014

Korean Embassy expresses deep concern about increasing criminality ​

BAE MINJU, a Korean businessman in the Philippines, died when his car was being stolen by armed men last July 27, 2014. His wife was kidnapped but later released unharmed, and the family driver was arrested for possible involvement in the crime. This is the ninth documented crime-related death of a Korean national in the Philippines since January of this year. In March, 21-year old college student LEE JI WON was abducted and murdered by suspects that include the taxi driver. It was a brutal and senseless crime that rattled the Korean community in the Philippines.

The rising incidence of crimes committed against Koreans while in the Philippines either on vacation or on business is a trend that has alarmed the Embassy of the Republic of Korea. In view of this, Korean Ambassador Hyuk Lee has reached out to pertinent agencies, such as the Department of the Interior and Local Government and the Philippine National Police, as well as the Office of the President, in the hopes that an intensified effort on the part of the Philippine government to curb criminality will lead to a safer environment for Korean nationals. 

Ambassador Lee stressed that specific measures should be adopted by the law enforcement agencies to prevent motor vehicles, taxi cabs in particular, from being used as means to commit crimes, or from being targeted for kidnapping or carnapping by organized criminal syndicates. Such preemptive actions would allay the anxiety of Koreans, who have been coming to the Philippines in greater numbers either as tourists or as investors.

With the favorable economic climate under the administration of President Aquino, more and more Koreans have been manifesting their interest to invest in the Philippines. It is feared that if crimes against innocent Koreans persist, businessmen will avoid the Philippines and seek safer places for doing business. 

Source: KCC Philippines 

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