Monday, April 4, 2011

Jo-kwon, Best Husband On 'We Got Married'

Singer Jo-kwon was chosen as the best husband from the popular reality tv show "We Got Married".

A survey was conducted by an online music site, Monkey3, involving 760 participants who answered from March 24th to the 30th. Those surveyed were asked to select the best husband from all of the pretend couples that were featured on the show. 

40% (300 people) selected Jo-kwon, who was paired up with Brown Eyed Girls' Ga-in. Viewers of the show loved Jo-kwon for his wit and kid-like innocence. The two became so popular together that there were fans who would beg them to really date in real life.

Second place was Kim Hyun-joon with 24% (181 people). Kim was loved for his awkward yet cute ways with his wife, singer Hwangbo. Jung Yong-hwa, leader of CNBLUE, garnered 16% (124 people) for his make-believe marriage life with Girls Generation member Seo-hyun. The sweet and thoughtful Alex won over 9% of the votes (70 people) when he was featured on the show with Shinae. Nickhun followed with 8% (57 people), who's currently still with the show with f(x)'s Victoria. Lastly, Jung Hyung-don trailed with 4% (31 people), for his short marriage with Saori.

The next upcoming episode of We Got Married will feature Jung Yong-hwa and Seo-hyun's last episode after one year together. Filling in their shoes will be the new Lee Jang-woo and T-ara's Ham Eun-jung couple and the singer Kim Won-joon and broadcaster Park So-hyun couple. (KBS)

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