Tuesday, April 5, 2011

MC Mong Faces Two Year Prison Sentence (2011-03-30)

MC Mong gave his final testimony, saying, “I did not make up any cowardly lie.”
The Seoul District Prosecutor's Office demanded two years’ imprisonment on March 28 for MC Mong (real name Shin Dong Hyun, 31), who has been charged with the suspicion that he purposely removed his own teeth to dodge mandatory military duty.

At the final trial led by judge Im Sung Chul held at the Seoul District Prosecutor’s Office on March 28, the prosecutor asked for two years in prison for MC Mong while saying, “The accused had removed his teeth purposely to dodge his mandatory military duty.” MC Mong gave his final testimony to contradict the charge, saying, “I am really sorry and sad for disappointing many people, but I am saying that I have not done anything wrong on purpose. I am not trying to gain popularity or to earn money. I am just telling the truth. I could have been a coward, but I did not make any cowardly lies at any moment. But I will abide by any punishment from the judge.”

MC Mong had been sent to the trial with the suspicion that he had attempted to become exempt from military service by pulling his intact molar teeth on purpose at a dentistry in Gangnam in December, 2006. In 1998, when he had received a physical examination for conscription, he had been judged fit for military service, but he had received a physical examination again in February, 2007 after he had possibly removed his teeth on purpose to become exempt from military duty.
If he is convicted, MC Mong, who was born in 1979, must receive a physical examination regularly until 2014 according to the military service law that says a person under 36 years old must fulfill his military service. (KBS)

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