Friday, July 12, 2013

Another member leaves T-ara

By JONATHAN HICAP, Manila Bulletin
A year after Hwayoung left K-pop act T-ara amidst accusations that she was bullied, another member has decided to leave the girl group to launch a solo career.

Ahreum has been announced that she will be leaving T-ara for her solo debut. Apparently, her musical preference is different from that of T-ara’s music.

Ahreum (Photo by

“T-ara, which originally held the seven members Qri, Bo Ram, So Yeon, Eun Jung, Hyo Min, Ji Yeon and Ah Reum, will have Ah Reum leave the group to go solo. She has been showing a taste in hip-hop, different from the music T-ara has been showcasing, and so we have decided to let her leave the group to show a new side of herself,” said the agency, according to ENewsWorld.

Last year, T-ara was rocked by controversy when CCM announced the departure of Hwayoung.

Netizens accused T-ara of bullying Hwayoung, and that it had forced her to leave the group. They uploaded photos and videos that allegedly showed the instances of bullying.
Ahreum also posted a video message on T-ara’s fan cafe to announce her departure and express her love for T-ara.

However, netizens are speculating that there’s another reason why Ahreum has decided to leave the girl group.

Last June 24, ENewsWorld said, Ahreum tweeted, “I really have nothing to lose anymore… I’m not even scared of dying… #FirstWarning.”

On her Instagram account, Ahreum posted this message on July 10:

“Everyone, right now you are seeing T-ara’s Ah Reum who evolved as Lee Ah Reum, the mystery girl. From the moment I put up this words, I will show you the truth and the reality of the current situation. Whatever the reason, I want to thank all the people that know me and I will shine the best of my image to you little by little. From now on, you will get to see new sides of me, more than just my eyes and hands in this picture. Now, from here on, I invite you all to the mysterious world of Lee Ah Reum.”

Core Contents Media refuted the negative speculations.

“Some of Ahreum’s posts on SNS have been reported on as proof of discord in the team, but if you’ve watched the video that Ahreum left on her fan cafe, you’ll know that such things have never happened. Despite this, many articles have been written on the matter,” CCM was quoted by ENewsWorld as saying.

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