Tuesday, July 2, 2013

ELFS to SME: Clarify boundaries

By JONATHAN HICAP, Manila Bulletin
Some fans of Super Junior, called ELFS, are targeting again Super Junior M members Henry Lau and Zhoumi as they demanded SM Entertainment to clarify and define the boundaries between Super Junior and the two in the Super Show 5 world tour.

Super Junior with Henry Lau and Zhoumi in the Super Show 5 in Chile
(Photo courtesy of SM Entertainment)

In an online petition, the Super Junior fans insisted that "Zhoumi and Henry are members of Super Junior M, not Super Junior." They are protesting the duo's extensive participation in Super Show 5, citing as example a show in Seoul last March where Henry and Zhoumi participated in 12 of the 29 performances.
The online petition also opposed the use of pearl sapphire blue color, the official color used by Super Junior fans, by Henry in his promotion as a solo artist.
The fans demand SM Entertainment to impose a rule that only Super Junior members can participate in the boy band's official activities. The petition also demands that the guest members do not use the color pearl sapphire blue for their activities.
But Super Junior fans do not agree with the petition.
SJ United Philippines, the local fan club of Super Junior, said, "We oppose the petition issued by @united_elf. We believe their demands to be unreasonable and not representative of the majority of Super Junior fandom," adding that "we recognize the effort and hard work of Zhou Mi and Henry Lau as members of Super Junior M."

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