Tuesday, April 29, 2014

BoA's debut Hollywood movie bombs at the box office

K-pop star BoA's debut Hollywood movie "Make Your Move" failed at the box office in the US and South Korea.
The dance movie, headlined by BoA and Derek Hough, earned a measly $120,200 in 10 days in the US since its release last April 18, according to Box Office Mojo.
Its opening weekend from April 18 to 20 earned $81,172 from 142 theaters or an average of $572.
BoA and Derek Hough in "Make Your Move." (Photos: "Make Your Move" Facebook page)

The following weekend, the movie earned $4,000 from 40 theaters or an average of $100, the website report stated.
BoA's celebrity status didn't help as the movie also failed in South Korea.
"Make Your Move" opened in South Korea last April 17 and in 10 days, it only attracted 9,216 moviegoers and earned 72,493,600 won (P3.1 million), according to statistics by the Korean Film Council.  
The movie's opening day sales amounted to 9,403,200 won (P403,152) with 1,347 tickets sold.
On the fifth day, only 732 people saw "Make Your Move" and 757 on the sixth and 232 on the seventh day.
On its eight day of showing last April 24, only 34 people saw the movie in South Korea. A total of 57 moviegoers bought tickets on April 25 and 55 people on April 26.
The film earned a total of $1.34 million (P60 million) from 13 countries including $35,203 in the Philippines, according to Box Office Mojo.
"Make Your Move" was produced by SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man, Robert Cort, Eric Hetzel and Patricia Chun.
It was filmed in 2011 and directed by Duane Adler.

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