Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Actress draws flak for abandoning drama filming, heads to US

MANILA, Philippines - Korean actress Han Ye Seul is now the subject of criticisms and a lawsuit for being unprofessional after she failed to appear on the set of her drama “Spy Myung Wol” and headed to the United States without permission.
Eric Mun and Han Ye Seul (Photo courtesy of www.newsen.com)

The cast and crew of the drama especially her co-star, Eric Mun, leader of all-male band Shinhwa, are groping in the dark on what to do since Han is the main character in the drama.
Han plays North Korean spy Han Myung Wol in the drama who goes to South Korea to kidnap Kang Woo, played by Mun, in order to disrupt the Korean wave.
The problem started when Han failed to show up on the set last Aug. 14 and 15 without any notice. The cast and crew waited for her for hours but she didn’t appear on the set.
Her agency, Sidus HQ, earlier claimed that Han was not feeling well so she wasn’t able to film the drama.
Korean media reported that the reason Han didn’t show up had something to do with her personal conflict with the producer of the drama.
It was then reported that Han left for the US on Aug. 15. With her failure to film the drama, TV station was forced to air highlights of Episode 10 on the 11th episode of the drama on Aug. 15.
KBS gave Han until noon today to show up or else she will face a lawsuit reportedly worth $10 billion for business interference.
Other Korean media said KBS has decided to replace Han with another actress so as to complete the entire run of the drama.
It was unfortunate that this has happened since this is Mun’s comeback project after being discharged in the Korean military.
This is the second time this year that Han became embroiled in a controversy. Last May, Han was the subject of a hit-and-run case for bumping a man on the driveway of her apartment building. The police eventually cleared Han of any liability in the case.

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