Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hit drama 'The Moon Embracing the Sun' ends with record ratings

The popular MBC drama “The Moon Embracing the Sun” ended its run on March 15 with its highest viewer ratings.

According to AGB Nielsen on March 16, the program had ratings of 42.2 percent nationwide, while the average was a bit higher in metropolitan areas at 45.8 percent. 
In the drama’s gripping final episode, Yang-myun and Bo-kyung meet their fate while the protagonists King Lee Hwon and Shaman Wol are united at last.
The drama, which features actor of the moment Kim Soo-hyun and the pretty actress Han Ga-in, began airing in January and has had ratings of 18 percent since its first episode. Starting with the third episode, the program has had ratings of 25 percent, putting the program in first place against competing dramas in the same time-slot.
The final two episodes of the 20-part series were to air last week on March 7 to 8, but had to be put off for a week because of a strike that involved MBC and other major networks.
The rights to the drama have been purchased by seven networks in the Asian region, making it one of the most profitable exports in the drama genre to date. (Korea JoongAng Daily) 

한글 관련 기사 

한 주 건너뛴 '해품달' 막방 시청률은?

‘해품달’ 자체 최고 시청률로 대단원의 막 내려

'해를 품은 달'이 유종의 미를 거뒀다.

15일 방송된 MBC 수목극 '해를 품은 달'(이하 해품달) 마지막 회는 자체 최고인 42.2%(AGB닐슨미디어리서치)의 전국 시청률을 기록하며 대단원의 막을 내렸다.

지난달 23일 전파를 탄 16회 방송에서 처음으로 시청률 40%을 돌파(41.3%)했던 '해품달'은 줄곧 30%대 후반 시청률을 꾸준히 기록하며 수목극 최강자 자리를 유지했다. 특히 노조 측의 총파업 여파로 일주일 동안 방송이 결방되는 등 안팎으로 잠시 내홍을 겪기도 했지만, 결말에 대한 궁금증을 불러일으키며 가파른 상승 곡선을 그렸다.

이날 방송된 '해품달'은 관심을 모았던 양명(정일우)과 중전(김민서) 등이 죽고 훤(김수현)과 연우(한가인)가 행복하게 살아간다는 권선징악을 그리며 마무리 됐다. 

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