Friday, October 17, 2014

14 feared dead in K-pop concert accident

By JONATHAN HICAP, Manila Bulletin
At least 14 people are feared dead when a ventilation grate collapsed during a K-pop concert in Gyeonggi Province, according to Korean media.
The Pangyo Techno Valley Festival featuring 4Minute, T-ara, Junggigo, 2BiC, TransFixion and Cherry Filter was ongoing on Friday, Oct. 17, in Bundang, Seongnam City when the accident happened.
(Top) 4Minute and (bottom) the ventillation grate that collapsed. (Photos: and

“A ventilation grille near an outdoor concert venue collapsed on Friday in Gyeonggi Province, and appears to kill at least 14 people and injure 11, police said,” the Korea Herald reported.
People apparently climbed on top of the ventilation vent in order to get a better view of 4Minute’s performance, which resulted in its collapse.
Cube Entertainment told ENewsWorld that “the festival was not 4Minute′s exclusive concert, but an event in which many singers participated in.”
It added, “When 4Minute was performing, all the members and staff did not know about the accident and only heard the news on their way back to Seoul following the performance. We hope that none of the spectators experience much damage from today′s accident.”
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