Friday, April 20, 2012

Fountains in Seoul Start Operation

The Seoul Metropolitan Government will operate 365 fountains installed in parks and streets across the city from April or May to September. In order to save energy, the City Government has decided to reduce the operating period of the fountains by two months compared with previous years. 

 The twenty major fountains due to operate from April include those at Gwanghwamun Square, Seoul Plaza, Cheonggyecheon Stream, Children’s Grand Park, Hangang Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, and Seoul Grand Park.

The City Government will only operate fountains installed on major streets during morning and evening commute hours, and lunch hours, and floor-springing fountains that are widely used by citizens in the afternoon, as part of its efforts to conserve energy. 

Notably, while conventional fountains generally served a decorative function, modern fountains are created in diverse forms, including floor fountains and streaming fountains, which enable children to play in and drink from them, thus obliging the City Government to enhance their water quality. The City Government carries out the water management of aquatic facilities designed for play in line with the “Guidelines on the water quality management of aquatic play facilities,” as set by the Ministry of Environment on August 26, 2010, which call for management primarily of water’s hydrogen ion concentration (5.8~8.6), turbidity (4NTU), and bacillus count (200(less than count/100㎖))


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