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'Dream K-pop Fantasy Concert' Delights Pinoy Fans

By JONATHAN HICAP, Manila Bulletin
MANILA, Philippines - Jane was early at the Mall of Asia concert grounds last Jan. 19. She was excited that she would finally see her favorite K-pop group, Girls' Generation.
(Clockwise from left) Infinite's Hoya, Girls' Generation, EXO and U-Kiss
(Photos courtesy of StarN

"I was really hoping that Girls' Generation would visit the Philippines someday and then it happened," said the 17-year-old K-pop fan.
Jane and thousands of fans trooped to the venue to watch the "Dream K-pop Fantasy Concert," which featured Korean artists Girls' Generation, Infinite, U-Kiss, EXO, Tahiti and Tasty.
Girl group Tahiti arrived in the country on Jan. 17 while the other groups except for Girls' Generation arrived the next day. Girls' Generation got here on Jan. 19.
A press conference was held on Jan. 18 at the historic Manila Hotel attended by Infinite, U-Kiss and Tahiti. EXO and Girls' Generation were billeted at Manila Hotel.
The Dream K-pop Fantasy Concert ran for four hours with the K-pop groups performing their songs for the fans.
Infinite sang "The Chaser," "Nothing's Over," "Paradise," "Before The Dawn" and "In The Summer."
U-Kiss performed "Man Man Ha Ni," "Bingeul Bingeul," "Shut Up," "Stop Girl" and "Someday."
Tahiti rendered "Tonight" and "Hasta Luego" while duo Tasty sang "You Know Me," "Solo," and "Spectrum."
EXO performed "Mama," "History," "Angel," "What Is Love," "Two Moons," "Open Arms" and the Filipino song "Hawak Kamay."
Girls' Generation closed the concert. The girls performed "Genie," "The Boys," "Hoot," "Gee," "Dancing Queen" and "I Got A Boy."
For fans, it was a memorable night as they saw their idols perform on stage. They told Bulletin Entertainment their experience at the concert.
Candy, 16, from Quezon City said she was thrilled to see Infinite.
"I love them. They're so handsome and very charismatic. I hope they'll come back to the Philippines to perform again," she said.
Michelle from Laguna said she was excited to see U-Kiss as well as the other groups.
"I enjoyed the concert so much. I had a wonderful time," she said.
Greg Martin Hermosa, team leader of Soshified Philippines, the local fan club of Girls' Generation, said the concert was special as the Philippines was the first country outside South Korea where Girls' Generation performed "I Got A Boy" and "Dancing Queen," two tracks from the girls' new album "I Got A Boy."
"Of course, as a Sone, my favorite performances were from Girls' Generation (although I also enjoyed EXO's). It was very special for us since the Philippines was the first country (besides their home country) where they performed their new songs 'I Got A Boy' and 'Dancing Queen.'
He added, "If I were to pick my favorite moment, that would be when Tiffany recognized our fan event and said, 'It is our first time here, isn't it? Did you guys wait for us? So sweet to see everybody is saying, 'We thought YOU'D never COME.' Even though I've seen SNSD twice by visiting other countries, it's really different if they perform in your home country together with fellow Filipino fans."
Stef, also of Soshified Philippines, said the DKFC was a great opportunity to show how much fans love Girls' Generation.
"I have watched Girls' Generation in other countries, but never in my home soil, so this was a rare and golden opportunity to show the girls how much we all love and support them. I never hesitated on it, and bought a ticket as soon as it was available.  Under its international name Soshified, we at Soshified Philippines, admins and members, all prepared and worked very hard to help bring fans together to support our favorite artists in this concert," she said.
She said she enjoyed the concert.
"Indeed K-pop never disappoints, it's ever mesmerizing and powerful. Though I actually came to the concert to support one group, I enjoyed everyone's performances. Thank you to everyone who made this concert possible. Let's do it again!" Stef said.

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