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Jay Park, G-Dragon, f(x) Bag Nominations In The Korean Music Awards

By JONATHAN HICAP, Manila Bulletin
MANILA, Philippines - The nominations for the 10th Korean Music Awards are out and Jay Park, G-Dragon and f(x) have made the list.
The Korean Music Awards will recognize musical talent rather than popularity or album sales. Like in previous years, most of the nominees this year are indie singers and only a few mainstream K-pop singers were recognized.
(Clockwise from top left) Jay Park, G-Dragon and f(x).
(Photos courtesy of and YG Entertainment)

For Song of the Year, the nominees are G-Dragon's "One of a Kind," Busker Busker's "Yeosu Night Sea," 3rd Line Butterfly's "Today is the Day To Break Up," Kim Dae Joong's "300/300" and Psy's "Gangnam Style."
Indie singers dominated the Album of the Year nominees. They are 3rd Line Butterfly for "Dreamtalk," 9 and the Numbers for "Grace," Lowdown 30 for "1," Jung Cha Shik for "The Turbulent Current  History" and Primary for "Primary and the Messengers."
For Artist of the Year, the nominees are Busker Busker, 3rd Line Butterfly, Jung Chang Shik, Psy and Choi Baek Ho.
Brown Eyed Girls' Gain got nominated for "Bloom" in the Pop Song of the Year along with Busker Busker's "Yeosu Night Sea" and "Cherry Blossom Ending," Younha's "Run," Yoon Young Bae's "A Little Funny" and Choi Baek Ho's "Back on the Road."
For Best Dance and Electronic Album, f(x) got nominated for "Electric Shock," G-Dragon for "One of a Kind," Glen Check's "Haute Couture," eAeon's "Guilt Free" and Cassette Schwarzenegger's "Gym With You."
F(x)'s two songs "Electric Shock" and "Jet" were nominated in the Best Dance and Electronic Song along with Psy's "Gangnam Style," SISTAR's "Alone" and  Cassette Schwarzenegger's "Super HI-FI."
G-Dragon's "One of a Kind" was nominated for the Best Rap and Hip-Hop Song along with Noise Mob's "MOB Night," Beenzino's "Aqua Man," Soriheda's "Snow Trace" and Primary's "Poison."
Jay Park's "New Breed" got nominated in the Best R&B/Soul Album along with Naul's "Principle of My Soul," Park Jung Hyun's "Parallax," Urban Zakapa's "02" and Jung Gigo's "Pathfinder."
The other nominees are:
New Artist of the Year
Busker Busker
Glen Check
The Electric Eels
Rock Album of the Year
404 - "1"
Lowdown 30 - "1"
Method - "The Constant"
Jung Cha Shik - "The Turbulent Current History"
Rock Song of the Year
404 – “In The Woods”
Gate Flowers - “Goodnight”
Kim Dae Joong – “300/30″
Yellow Monsters - “K.O”
Jung Cha Shik – “The Libertine"
Modern Rock Album of the Year
3rd Line Butterfly - "Dreamtalk"
9 and the Numbers - "Grace"
Noisecat - "Sunday Sunset Airlines"
Mukimukimanmansu - "2012"
Hwang Bo Ryung-Smacksoft - "Follow Your Heart"
Modern Rock Song of the Year
3rd Line Butterfly – “Today is the Day To Break Up”
9 and the Numbers – “Tear Wind”
9 and the Numbers – “Grace”
Lee Rang - “They Don't Know”
The Electric Eels – “Canine Tooth”
Pop Album of the Year
Go Chan Yong - "Look Back"
Busker Busker - "Busker Busker"
Yoon Young Bae - "A Little Funny"
Jung Tae Choon, Park Eun Ok - "The Bus That Goes to the Sea"
Choi Baek Ho - "Back on the Road"
Best Rap & Hip-Hop Album
Jerry.K - "True Self"
Noisemob - "M.O.B"
Beenzino - "2 4 : 2 6"
Soriheda - "Soriheda 2"
Primary - "Primary and the Messengers"
Best R&B and Soul Song
Naul – “Memory of the Wind”
Lee Hi - “1,2,3,4″
Junggigo – “DLMN (Don’t Leave Me Now!)"
Kuma Park – “Close Eyes”
Primary – “See-Through"
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