Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Crayon Pop's 'engine dance' goes viral

By JONATHAN HICAP, Manila Bulletin
A year after their debut in the K-pop scene, girl group Crayon Pop's career has finally taken off, thanks to their new single "Bar Bar Bar."
The music video for "Bar Bar Bar" has spawned parodies since it was uploaded on YouTube in late June.
Crayon Pop performing "Bar Bar Bar." (Photos by

The choreography featured the now famous "Straight Five Engine Dance" where the girls jump up and down to simulate car engine cylinders.
In addition, the Crayon Pop members are seen wearing colorful outfits and helmets that resemble the costumes of the characters in the TV series "Power Rangers."
The music video has helped the song to become popular on music charts.
On Billboard's K-pop Hot 100, "Bar Bar Bar" has climbed to the No. 2 spot in its fifth week on the chart.
The "Bar Bar Bar" music video is likened to Psy's "Gangnam Style," which became viral.
"Based around a ridiculous dance -- currently sweeping South Korea -- the K-pop girl group may have crafted their very own 'Gangnam Style'-like smash," wrote
It added, "The girls sing the pump-up track's encouraging lyrics to leave their troubles behind and jump along while performing their ridiculous moves all over the park from atop of the tilt-a-whirl (with images of Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson in the background) to inside the merry-go-round."
The Wall Street Journal blog Korea Real Time said "Bar Bar Bar" is emerging from left field in South Korea with eccentric choreography that has pundits comparing with Psy’s famous horse-dance routine."
Last month, fans voted Crayon Pop as Artist of the Week on MTV Iggy.
Recently, the cast of "Saturday Night Live Korea" performed a parody skit of "Bar Bar Bar."
Crayon Pop's recent success has prompted Sony Music Entertainment to sign up the girl group under its label.
Chrome Entertainment, Crayon Pop's agency, and Sony Music Entertainment signed an album licensing and partnership contract that will pave way for the girl group to expand their career outside Korea.
"Late July, high-ranking Sony Music Entertainment officials met with Crayon Pop during their visit to Korea, and they were touched at the girls′ unique attempts and creativity. The contract was signed with a belief that the artist and content could succeed overseas," said Sony Music, according to ENewsWorld.
Edgar Berger, president and CEO of Sony Music International, and Denis Handlin, president of Sony Music Asia visited Korea to meet Crayon Pop.
"I believe our collaboration with the global album label Sony Music will act as an important turning point in Crayon Pop′s future, and we′re looking forward to where it will take us," ENewsWorld quoted Chrome CEO Hwang Hyun Chang as saying.
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