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2PM: 'We're Gonna Come Back' + video

By JONATHAN HICAP, Manila Bulletin
Posted on Manila Bulletin Online on March 4, 2013

MANILA, Philippines - K-pop boy band 2PM lived up to their promise that they had something special prepared for Filipino fans at their concert last March 2 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Throngs of fans screamed, shouted, waved their hands and showed their enjoyment as 2PM sang, danced and made "fan service" to the delight of the audience.

It was the most awaited night for Hottest (name for 2PM fans) in the Philippines. The boys dazzled the crowd with their performance, from singing as a whole group to displaying their talent in their solo spots.

2PM's Taecyeon, Nichkhun, Jun.K, Junho, Wooyoung and Chansung opened the concert with "I'll Be Back," wearing black body-hugging costumes. They followed this with "I Was Crazy Over You" and "I Hate You."

After the songs, they greeted the crowd with "Magandang gabi (Good evening)" and introduced themselves.

Then they sang "Give It To Me" and "Even If You Leave Me" and worked the crowd.

Chansung, the youngest member, held his solo stage next. He performed "Love You Down" and the crowd went wild when he did a fan service by taking his shirt off, showing his well-built body.

He was followed by Junho, who performed "Just A Feeling" and played the drums.

The boy band then performed "Heartbeat," "Again & Again" and "Back 2 U." "Again & Again" is a memorable song for 2PM as this brought them their first music TV chart award back in 2009.

The other boys also held their solo stages. Wooyoung performed "Sexy Lady" while Taecyeon sang "It's Time."

Nichkhun sang "Let It Rain" and Jun.K performed "Just One Night."

Other songs performed by 2PM were "Don't Stop Can't Stop," "Without U," "I'm Your Man," "Hands Up," and "10 Out of 10" (their debut single).

2PM also tried communicating to the audience in Filipino. During the concert, Wooyoung even engaged the fans and sang "Pakitong-Kitong," a Tagalog folk song.

Throughout the concert, 2PM and their fans were having so much fun.
Bulletin Entertainment asked the reactions and favorite moments from fans who went to the concert.

Jen Guerrero said, "I was one of the Meet and Greet winners so that was one of the best parts ever. They all look good up close! I also loved the "10 out of 10/Hands Up" performance. Had a great time last night. Wish I could see them again."

Angie Rivera from San Pedro, Laguna said, "My favorite part was Nichkhun playing the piano while singing an English song. The members speaking in English to the audience were a big effort and this made fans happy. I really enjoyed it."

Irene Escano from Binan, Laguna said, "My favorite moments were 2PM's solo performances, especially that of Nichkhun and Chansung. Their talents really shone with their solo performances and these highlighted Chansung's hotness and Nichkhun's cuteness. As a group, they're all great."

"The concert last March 2 was very awesome. I got goose bumps. Everything was so magical. My favorite moment was when they got up on stage in their first production number. I cried because of mixed emotions, and their message for all of their fans made me cry again. The 'I'm Your Man' part was the sexiest for me. I'm super proud to be a Hottest!" she said.

Jessica Juan, admin of HOTTEST Philippines/2PM Philippines, said the concert was a dream come true.

"I have been anticipating for the concert since JYPE announced that 2PM is coming to Manila. Pinoy Hottests waited for more than four years just to see the boys perform live. Tears started falling when 2PM sang 'Only You' and 'I Can't,' two of my favorite 2PM songs. As one of the admins of HOTTEST PHILIPPINES, I was a bit worried that we didn't fill the whole MOA Arena. But 2PM surely felt the Pinoy Hottests' power. During the concert, I danced, sang, and screamed my lungs out until I got Khun's attention to look at me and the banner I prepared which said, 'JESSICA loves KHUN.' I am really proud to be a HOTTEST," she said.

"D-Day was very overwhelming. As a Hottest, i have been waiting for this my whole (K-pop) life," said Paeng Enriquez, staff of HOTTEST Philippines/2PM Philippines. "We were preparing for this since the official announcement that 2PM was coming to Manila. During the concert, I screamed, jumped and went all out with my Hottest friends, especially when Wooyoung was near us because he's my favorite member. The price was worth it."

Lianne, 2PMPH member, said, "My favorite was during the part when they were talking to the fans. Those moments when they were looking at the banner I was holding are priceless."

Venice Gutierrez, another 2PMPH member, said, "I have a lot of favorite moments. Basically, everything that happened. Despite some technical glitches, 2PM were able to deliver top-notch performances. Hottests were able to wow 2PM with our energy and enthusiasm. I was reading tweets by non-Filipino Hottests and they're amazed at how happy 2PM seemed based on the fan-taken photos and videos. It makes me want to tweet them back and say 'Of course, we are the sweetest and most passionate bunch of Hottests out there. Numbers don't matter.'"

Dith Jareol, a certified Hottest, said "We waited four years for this concert and finally the boys were here. That moment I started shaking and palpitating at the same time. I screamed my lungs out when I saw them on stage! They're really so good-looking. I can't express nor explain how or what I felt seeing them performing, running and giving us fan service on stage. Wooyoung was so adorable. Jun.K, my bias, was still so handsome even though I didn't get a stuffed toy from him. Taec was the cutest during their encore. The thing is we enjoyed the concert as well as the boys."

At one point, 2PM members gave fans stuffed toys as remembrance. During the finale, Chansung took his shirt off once more.
As they bid goodbye, 2PM thanked the audience with heartfelt messages.
Junho said, "Please wait for us a little longer and we'll show you a better performance."
"Thank you for your concern. We will work harder. I love you all," Chansung said.

Nichkhun said, "Philippines! It's been a great night tonight. I don't know how to thank you enough. Tonight was mind-blasting, one level over mind-blowing. No doubt we're gonna come back. Get home safely and I'll see you guys soon."

After the show, Nichkhun tweeted, "Couldn't get enough of you guys tonight!! PH HOTTEST you made tonight one of the most memorable shows ever! Maraming Salamat Po!"

Wooyoung told the crowd, "We will be back soon. Mahal kita (I love you). Salamat po (Thank you)."

Jun.K said, "Thank you for coming to our concert. I was moved by your great love tonight. I hope to see you guys real soon."

Taecyeon declared that the Philippines is No. 1 among the countries that 2PM have visited so far.

"[Out of the many countries that we've visited], you guys are definitely the hottest. This year, we're gonna make a comeback in Korea. We'll be back with an all brand-new concert. We'll see you guys very soon. Thank you," he said.

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