Sunday, March 17, 2013

KBS Drama 'School 2013' Earns Appreciation Plaque

The KBS drama, “School 2013,” received an appreciation plaque from the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education for raising awareness on violence in classrooms and exposing the school system’s overemphasis on academic achievements. 

Mr. Moon Yong-rin, Superintendent, proclaimed that the drama prompted a positive response from teachers because it stayed true to the reality of school. Last month “School 2013” also received a ministerial commendation from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

“School 2013” broadcast on KBS TV2 from the end of last year for a 16-episode run. The program was well received by critics and the audience alike for its realistic approach to issues relating to teenagers. “School 2013” was the fifth installment of the long standing “School” series, which started in the 1990s. 


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