Wednesday, September 12, 2012

T-ara's Agency Gets Back At Korean Media | The Manila Bulletin Newspaper Online

By JONATHAN HICAP, Manila Bulletin 
MANILA, Philippines - K-pop group T-ara's agency sued a dozen Korean media outlets, blaming them for the negative publicity that the girl group has been getting since the bullying controversy broke out in July.
T-ara (Photo by

Core Contents Media retaliated against the press by filing civil and criminal cases against sports newspapers, dailies and online sites for allegedly publishing speculative media reports, according to Korean media
The agency reported to the Gangnam Police Station the 12 media outlets last month and plans to file criminal complaint and defamation cases against nine more.
CCM was quoted as saying that since July, some of the media reports about T-ara were not considered normal, describing it as a witch hunt.
It claimed that unconfirmed rumors against T-ara were raised by netizens on their personal websites and online cafes and subsequently published by the Korean media.
CCM will also file a complaint against one media outlet before the National Human Rights Commission of Korea.
T-ara has been getting negative feedback since CCM ousted member Hwayoung from the group last July 30.
Korean netizens accused T-ara of bullying Hwayoung that forced her to leave the group. Netizens uploaded photos and videos of the alleged bullying.
An online cafe called "We Demand the Truth from T-ara" was set up by netizens, which now has 339,392 members.
An online petition for T-ara's disbandment has been signed by 129,245 people to date.
T-ara made their comeback to the music scene with the new album "Mirage." They started performing on "M! Countdown" last Sept. 6 although it was pre-recorded. They did not appear on KBS "Music Bank" last Sept. 7.
The girl group suffered what is called among K-pop fans as "black ocean" when they performed at the 2012 World Conservation Congress K-pop concert in Jeju Island last Sept. 8.
When T-ara started performing "Sexy Love" on stage, fans turned off their glow sticks and did not cheer, creating the "black ocean" effect.
"Although K-pop groups’ performances are characterized by interactive crowds that often cheer, sing along and chant the bands’ names, the audience was unmoved by T-ara’s new song 'Sexy Love,'" according to a report by Korea JoongAng Daily.
The newspaper said it was the "Awkward 10 Minutes of T-ara." The incident was reminiscent of the "black ocean" incident instigated by fans against Girls Generation during the 2008 Dream Concert in Korea.

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