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EXCLUSIVE: Lee Min Ho to Pinoy fans: 'Always be happy'

By JONATHAN HICAP, Manila Bulletin
Korean superstar Lee Min Ho will be visiting the Philippines next month to hold his first ever "My Everything - World Tour 2013" and he's hoping to spend a great time with his Filipino fans.
The Manila leg of the concert tour will be held on July 6 at the Mall of Asia Arena. Lee Min Ho will visit 
10 cities for the tour including Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Osaka, Hong Kong and the United States.

His ongoing world tour coincides with the release of his first album "My Everything," which was released in May. 
This will be his second visit to the Philippines and Lee Min Ho told Bulletin Entertainment that he's looking forward to seeing his Filipino fans again.
"It’s great to come back because the Philippines has its own color and I love it. I couldn’t forget all the love I had received last year from so many fans. I still remember the last time very vividly," he said.
Lee Min Ho spent four days in the country last November for his Benchsetter Fun Meet at the Araneta Coliseum, mall tour and autograph signing.
"My Everything" is his first ever music album and it includes the songs "Love Motion," "Without You," "My Little Princess," "You & I," "Pieces of Love" and "My Everything."
Lee Min Ho said it took him a month to record all the songs in the album.
"First plan was making a mini album with four songs, but it extended to six songs in the recording process. I was never really a singer so I had to learn ways to control throat and such. It took about one month to be able to do so. It was overall a great experience," he told Bulletin Entertainment.
When it was released in Japan, "My Everything" topped the Oricon daily chart without any promotion.
"I was so surprised. I felt like I should keep on doing my best not to disappoint my fans who send love and encouragement to me," Lee Min Ho added.
Lee Min Ho is primarily an actor and his album is a different side of him. He said he was shy to sing in front of people but he's gotten used to it.
"I have never imagined myself singing in front of someone. I was so shy. But now I'm very happy that I can communicate with fans with all my heart on stage," he said.
Bulletin Entertainment asked him if this will be the start of his singing career and he said that he would love to release albums in the future.
Lee Min Ho said, "I don’t think of it as starting a new career as a singer. I think it’s a continuation of my professional career. I worked on this album so I can communicate with my fans better, and I would like to have more opportunities like this, although I wouldn’t be able to do it often."
Lee Min Ho debuted in the entertainment industry in 2002 and rose to stardom through the 2009 hit drama "Boys Over Flowers."
He said he always put his best in every drama he makes.
"I don’t really start working on projects thinking how much high up I want up to. Of course I once thought I would only get close to the audience when I can truly be in my character to be able to convince the audience as I was doing 'Boys over Flowers.' I do want to make sure that I put everything to come up with the best outcome whenever I take a role. As I look back on my career, I think everyone has ups and downs. I would like to do my best for now and I can only tell in the future where I stand now at this very moment," he said.
In choosing his drama or film projects, Lee Min Ho said he studies the synopsis or script first except in "City Hunter."
"I think it’s different every single time. I usually look at the synopsis or the script first, but in case of 'City Hunter,' I made a choice to do this project just because the director was Jin Hyuk," he said.
Among the roles that he has played, Lee Min Ho said it was his character in "City Hunter" that is closest to his personality.
"I have affection for every roles I think I could immerse in roles I play as I grow up by combining every work from an extra debut. The character which resembles me so far is maybe Lee Yoonsung in 'City Hunter.' Having a wounded heart in past is different but being brusque and not easy to express and naughty," he said.
Despite his busy career, Lee Min Ho said he takes care of his health by going to the gym although he doesn't follow a strict diet.
He said, "In order to stay fit and healthy, I hit the gym to work out. I don’t have any strict diet. While getting ready for the new TV show 'Heirs' that will be on air this year, I do weight training, and play Speedminton, which is similar to badminton, with my show guest Monsterz."
If he is given the opportunity to have a long vacation, Lee Min Ho said, "I’d like to go backpacking on a long journey with the itinerary I came up with. Since it has been so hot, I recently thought about going into an igloo in Antarctica."
When asked what is his ideal girl, Lee Min Ho said it's someone that he's comfortable with, has her charm and confidence.
"It’s someone that I don’t feel uncomfortable whenever I am with her. Everyone has their own charm and I don’t think a lot of people have realized their own charm. I find girls who know what they have and are confident in themselves attractive," he said.
Lee Min Ho is excited to meet his Filipino fans at his Manila concert and he sent this message through Bulletin Entertainment.
"Hi everyone, I'm Lee Minho. It has been so long. I'm so glad to greet you guys. I'll see you guys in the tour 'My Everything' on 6th of July in Manila. I hope that we can have great time. Always be happy," he said.
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