Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Singer speaks of her audacious love for Hanbok

World renowned Hanbok (traditional Korean attire) designer Lee Young-hee appeared on KBS-2TV's "Morning Live" last Monday.

Singer Lee Jeong-hyeon also joined this episode and talked about a hanbok incident she had in Japan.

The singer, mesmerized by Lee's beautiful hanbok, says she wears her hanbok often to award ceremonies as well as overseas concerts.

As her singing style focuses on stage performances, she says the fancy hanbok is the best fit. She said her first red carpet experience abroad was at the Asia Pacific Film Festival to which she wore a hanbok outfit designed by Lee. She said there, thanks to the hanbok, she was the most popular among foreign reporters.

The singer also confessed that hanbok nearly got her banned from a Japanese TV show once. She said, "The program was a singing gala held on the night of Dec. 31 every year. I had a chance to appear on the show but I was asked to wear a Japanese kimono. But I secretly showed up in hanbok during that live broadcast."

She said she had risked her entire career in Japan but her courageous move ended up promoting hanbok in Japan and made headline news. Even a hanbok special program was produced and aired.

The singer took pride in her close ties with the famous designer, and on Morning Live, she showed off a catwalk in one of Lee's hanbok on this episode. (KBS)


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