Wednesday, February 22, 2012

RECIPE: Chapssalddeok (Korean-style mochi)

Here's another tempting recipe from Chapssalddeok (Korean-style mochi) 

According to, "Chapssalddeok used to be called “mochi” among Koreans, but these days everybody calls this particular kind of rice cake “chapssalddeok.” The word mochi is a Japanese word that simply means “rice cake.”

"Making chapssalddeok with a microwave oven must have been invented by someone in the States a long time ago. When I came to the USA about 20 years ago, many Korean housewives here were already making homemade chapassalddeok with a microwave oven. It was delicious but I always felt like something was missing. Yes! It was the lack of chewiness!"

Here's the video on how to do it: 

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