Monday, February 27, 2012

Seoul Metropolitan Government picks 100 movie and drama locations

The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Film Commission have selected 100 places that are highly popular as movie and drama shooting locations, and published a book titled The Places in Seoul Cinema Fell in Love With. The book singles out and introduces 100 attractions that showcase the many faces of Seoul and presents rich images associated with them from among the numerous sites that feature frequently in Korean movies and dramas. 
Cover of the book

The book not only offers introductions of the places, but also includes ‘behind the scenes’ stories from film shoots and information on famous nearby restaurants, public transportation routes, and recommended tour courses. As such, it provides everything dedicated movie buffs and tourists need to know about diverse hotspots famous as shooting locations in the Korean capital in a single volume. 

The book is differentiated from other tour guide books in that it categorizes these well-known shooting locations for movies and dramas under five main themes, namely, “See, Feel, Rest, Enjoy and Take,” and introduces them accordingly. It stops short of ranking them, however. 

Layout of inner pages
All of the 100 locations are introduced with detailed descriptions, as well as information on the movies and dramas filmed at the sites, biographies of the starring actors, and synopses of the films. The book also provides information on different subway and bus routes to help readers reach the shooting locations conveniently via public transport. 

The book will be published in English and Japanese as well as Korean, and will be distributed free of charge to visitors at the Gwanghwamun Tourist Information Center (Korean, English, and Japanese), and the Seoul Global Center (English and Japanese). It will be also published as an e-book, and will be posted on the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s website at ( (From Seoul Metropolitan Government)

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