Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Company Apologizes To T-ara member, Wants Ban Lifted

By JONATHAN HICAP, Manila Bulletin 
MANILA, Philippines - The producers of the drama "Five Fingers" has issued an apology to a member of K-pop group T-ara for firing her in the drama last year.

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Company Yein E&M is also asking the Korean Entertainment Management Association (KEMA) to lift the order that barred the outfit from producing dramas for two years.
Yein E&M sent a letter to KEMA and profusely apologized for dropping T-ara's Eunjung from the drama following the bullying controversy that the girl group faced last year.
Eunjung was fired from "Five Fingers" a day before the filming began. She attended the drama press conference and script reading last August.
"After we were done casting Eunjung, we decided for ourselves on withdrawing Eunjung from the drama ‘Five Fingers’ and told her so without holding adequate talks with the actress or the label and without fully understanding the T-ara situation," wrote Yein E&M in its letter, according to Allkpop.
The company said it hurt Eunjung's confidence when rumors started coming out that the singer would be taken out of the drama.
"We apologize to Eunjung and [KEMA] for hurting her with articles that stated the loss of production fees even though she worked diligently and actively in acting, practicing the piano, shooting for the poster, and attending the press conference. We apologize also for stopping the filming because she dyed her hair. It is the staff’s fault for not trying to understand the actress’ stance," the company said.
Yein E&M admitted that its fault for ditching Eunjung.
"Because Eunjung was very hurt and we tarnished her name, we will work our best to heal her pain and her name," it said.
The company added, "We also believe that there should never be a custom where an actor / actress is withdrawn without conferring them first. We realize that from the point of view of the label and the actress, it was a shocking situation."
T-ara faced intense public backlash last year when its agency, Core Contents Media, announced that it was removing Hwayoung as member of T-ara last July.
After the announcement, T-ara was accused of bullying Hwayoung that led to her departure from the girl group.
Yein E&M also asked KEMA to lift the sanction the association imposed on the company.

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