Thursday, May 9, 2013

Diva Lee Hyori returns with new album

By JONATHAN HICAP, Manila Bulletin
Korean pop diva Lee Hyori will be coming back to the music scene with a new album, three years after a plagiarism scandal that affected her career.
Lee Hyori will be releasing her fifth album "Monochrome" on May 21. Ahead of the album, she released her single "Miss Korea" on May 6, which topped music charts in Korea.

She also released the music video for the single on YouTube, which has had 700,000 views to date.
On her fan cafe, Lee Hyori posted that preparing for the album was not easy.
"After over a year and a half of recording and now that the music video filming is done, I feel that it’s really starting now. With a three-year hiatus and a lot of personal changes along with a title of mid-30s, it wasn’t an easy thing,” she said, according to ENewsWorld.
In 2010, Lee Hyori was accused of plagiarizing songs in her album "H-Logic."
Just days after the album's release, Canadian pop group Cookie Couture charged that the track "Bring It Back" was similar to their 2008 single "Boy Bring It Back."
"Bring It Back" and six other songs written by Bahnus (real name Lee Jae Young) were proven to have been plagiarized.

In addition, six other songs in the 14-track album were proven to have been plagiarized.
Lee Hyori admitted the plagiarism charges and stopped her promotions and TV appearances.
Due to the scandal, Lee Hyori left Mnet Media in June 2010. Mnet Media filed a lawsuit against the songwriter in July and assured that it would pay compensation to the rightful owners of the songs in question.
Bahnus was arrested in September 2010 and the following month, he was sentenced to suffer imprisonment of one and a half years for committing fraud and forgery of documents.
The following year, Bahnus was ordered to pay Mnet Media 270 million won (about P10 million) because of the plagiarized songs.
To celebrate Lee Hyori's comeback album, a special TV show will be aired on May 22 on Mnet.
Lee Hyori said she is ready to promote her new album.
“I’m thankful that I still have anti-fans and mean comments. I think I hate no comments more. Although I will have to compete with a lot of juniors and fight on the charts, I think I have a role. I’m ready to just enjoy everything and humbly take everything in,” ENewsWorld quoted her as saying.

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