Sunday, July 3, 2011

GD & TOP’s album cover changed due to Playboy trademark infringement

MANILA, Philippines - Big Bang’s agency, YG Entertainment, has announced that it will stop the sale of G-Dragon and TOP’s first album after it admitted that it infringed on the bunny logo trademark of adult magazine publisher Playboy Enterprises.
GD & TOP's album in question (extreme left), which is similar to the Playboy logo (center). At right is the new cover of the album. (Photos courtesy of Playboy and YG Entertainment)

In a notice posted on the YG Entertainment online store, the agency admitted that it didn’t seek Playboy’s permission when it used the bunny logo on the cover of the “GD & Top” album.
On the album cover, YG Entertainment used the image of a bunny with a bowtie, which is similar to Playboy Enterprises’ trademark bunny logo.  
YG Entertainment said the album cover was based on Playboy’s bunny logo.
Playboy Enterprises told YG Entertainment to stop using the bunny logo as it is its trademark and accordingly, the Korean agency complied.
In its place, YG Entertainment released the new album cover design which features the words “GD & TOP” shaped like a heart.
The agency didn’t say if it was also stopping the sale of the original album which was released in different countries including the Philippines.
The bunny logo was also used in the music videos for “High High” and “Knock Out”, which are two tracks in the album.
“We also ask for your support and interest for the new design of GD & TOP’s first album new cover version which will be released in July,” YG Entertainment’s notice said.
The new cover version of the album will also contain the same 11 songs in the original album.
Meanwhile, G-Dragon and TOP will perform on August 13 at the Incheon Korean Music Wave 2011 along with the Wonder Girls, Super Junior, KARA, SHINee, 4Minute, Girls Generation, BEAST, 2AM, 2PM, SG Wannabe, MBLAQ and CNBlue. (Jonathan Hicap)

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  1. hey thats unfair :( i wanted to have the playboy cover album :(


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