Friday, July 22, 2011

Prosecutors to start investigation; will summon Daesung on motorcyclist's death

Manila Bulletin 
MANILA, Philippines - Big Bang member Daesung will get a chance to perhaps redeem himself and explain his side on his involvement in the death of a motorcyclist last May 31.

The Southern Seoul District Prosecutor's Office has decided to start its own thorough investigation on the car accident and will summon Daesung for questioning.
The prosecutor's office said there is a need to clarify the real cause of the motorcyclist's death.
In a media briefing last June 24, the Korean police said that it was Daesung who killed the motorcyclist named Hyun after the singer ran him over with his car on Yangwa Bridge in Seoul.
The investigation showed that Daesung was driving 70 to 80 km per hour, above the speed limit of 60 km per hour on the bridge, when he hit the motorcyclist who was lying on the ground due to an earlier accident.
Daesung's car even dragged the victim's body to about 22.8 meters, the police said. The motorcyclist died of multiple injuries.
The move by the prosecutors to make its own probe comes as the family of the victim accused YG Entertainment of ignoring them regarding the compensation, or blood money, promised by Big Bang's agency.
The victim's family said that they have not reached an agreement on the offer of YG Entertainment with regards to the payment. The main issue is how much compensation should the family get for the death of the motorcyclist.
The family said YG Entertainment's financial offer was small considering that the accident resulted in the death of their loved one.

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  1. This is really bad news and but accident takes place due to mishaps so take care for your life and stop these type of victims


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