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6 K-pop singers make it to Oricon chart's Top 50 bestselling artists for 1st half of 2011

By JONATHAN M. HICAP, Manila Bulletin

MANILA, Philippines - Oricon chart has released the list of the Top 50 artists in the Japanese music market for the first half of 2011, based on singles, albums and DVD sales.
While the rankings are dominated by Japanese singers, six K-pop singers made it to the list, namely TVXQ, Big Bang, KARA, CNBlue, Girls Generation and Jang Geun Suk.

Avril Lavigne’s “Goodbye Lullaby” and  Lady Gaga's ”Born This Way" also made the cut.
Top 50 singles
In the Top 50 singles list for January to June this year, boy band TVXQ’s “Why? (Keep Your Head Down)” ranked at No. 4 with sales of 284,210 copies. TVXQ is the highest ranking K-pop artist in the three categories.
Japanese girl group AKB48, which is composed of 48 members, dominated the No. 1 and 2 spots on the list. Their 21st single, “Everyday, Katyusha,” sold a whopping 1.49 million copies while “Let’s Become Cherry Blossom Trees” sold 1.07 million copies.
At No. 3 is Japanese boy band Arashi whose single “Lotus” moved  624,865 copies. Following TVXQ at No. 5 is SKE48’s “Banzai Venus,” which sold 270,208 copies.
Completing the sixth to tenth places are Team Amuse!!’s “Let’s Try Again" (262,091 copies sold), Kanjani 8’s “T.W.L./Yellow Pansy Street” (252,634), Akanishi Jin’s “Eternal” (241,630), Not Yet’s “Shumatsu Not Yet” (237,813) and Itano Tomomi’s “Dear J” (215,466).
KARA’s “Jet Coaster Love” is at No. 12 with 197,538 copies sold while Korean actor and singer Jang Geun Suk’s “Let Me Cry” sold 185,698 copies to rank at No. 15. Girls Generation’s “Mr. Taxi/Run Devil Run” is at No. 21 with 153,327 copies sold.
Top 50 albums
In the album category, Japanese boy band EXILE topped the list with their album “Negai no Tou (Tower of Wishes)” selling 702,058 copies for the first half of the year.
Following EXILE are AKB48’s “Koto ni Ita Koto” (601,985 copies sold), Amuro Namie’s “Checkmate!” (442,876), Kuwata Keisure’s “Musicman” (403,757), aiko’s “Matome I” (362,189), Ikimono-gakari’s “Best Selection” (339,314), Bump of Chicken’s “Cosmonaut” (337,706), aiko’s “Matome II” (335,429) and Avril Lavigne’s “Goodbye Lullaby” (330,200).
Girls Generation’s self-titled album ranked at No. 10 with 325,658 copies sold while KARA’s “Girls’ Talk” is at No. 14 with 234,079 sold. Another Girls Generation album, “Hoot,” entered the No. 21 spot with sales of 142,342 copies.
Korean boy band Big Bang’s “Big Bang 2” album ranked at No. 35 with 91,217 copies sold. Other notable artists on the list are Lady Gaga (No. 11 and 36), Michael Jackson (No. 23), Pink (No. 32), and Rihanna (No. 38).
Top 50 music DVDs
In the Top 50 music DVDs for the first half of the year, Arashi’s “Arashi 10-11 Tour” album topped the list with 785,410 copies sold.
They were followed by KARA”s “KARA’s Best Clips” with sales of 227,500 copies. Completing the Top 10 are Amuro Namie (159,541), Kanjani 8 (155,844), NEWS (154,030), EXILE Atsushi (131,007), KAT-TUN (120,437), EXILE (114,746), Perfume (103,400) and Akanishi Jin (92,273).
Girls Generation’s “New Beginning of Girls Generation” ranked at No. 15 with 54,624 copies sold. K-pop boy band CNBlue’s “CNBlue’s 2nd Single Release Live Tour” ranked at No. 47 with 17,651 copies sold.
Top earning artists in Japan
Oricon also released the list of the six top earning singers in Japan for the first half of the year. Girl group AKB48 earned a whopping 6.66 billion yen (about P3.6 billion) for the last six months to top the list.
Arashi earned earned 6.59 billion yen (P6.55 billion) to place second followed by EXILE, which earned 4.68 billion yen (P2.52 billion) and Amuro Namie who earned 2.7 billion yen (P1.45 billion).
Girls Generation ranked fifth, earning 2.6 billion yen (P1.4 billion) while KARA ranked sixth with earnings of 2.15 billion yen (P1.16 billion).
With Japan’s lucrative music market, it’s no wonder that Japanese artists don’t need to promote overseas.
On the other hand, K-pop singers are trying to make it into Japan to get a slice of the profitable pie.
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