Thursday, June 23, 2011

Production companies owe Korean stars 2.2-B won in unpaid fees

MANILA, Philippines - Korean stars are threatening to stop appearing in dramas and films due to unpaid talent fees amounting to 2.2 billion won (about P88.78 million) that production companies owe them.

The Korea Entertainment Management Association (KEMA) said that of the total amount, 1.53 billion won (P61.75 million) comes from unpaid fees from drama while the remaining 700 million won (about P28.25 million) is from films.
The largest amount of unpaid fees comes from five dramas shown on Korean TV station KBS, which totaled 898.75 million won (P36.27 million),  including fees for “Secret Agent Miss Oh” amounting to 339.9 million own.
Top Korean stars Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo have yet to be paid 439.25 million won in talent fees for their 2008 drama “Worlds Within.”
Production companies for seven dramas shown on MBC owe Korean stars a total amount of 353.28 million won. These companies also owe actors 285.66 million won for TV programs shown on SBS.
As for Korean films, the production company behind “The Housemaid," which premiered in the 2010 Cannes Film Festival, still owes actors 145 million won. Unpaid actors who appeared in the “Rough Cut” are also still waiting fees totaling 120 million won.
Management companies said they will not let their stars appear in works by these production companies until the fees are paid. They also blame the top three Korean TV stations for the problem.
Last year, a labor union composed of actors and staff refused to work because of unpaid fees owed by production companies amounting to 4.4 billion won (P177.57 million).
As a result, the filming of TV dramas was affected as actors refused to work. A settlement was eventually reached between the union and the TV stations.
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