Thursday, June 30, 2011

Two more Korean celebrities convicted

Manila Bulletin
MANILA, Philippines - Two more Korean celebrities have been convicted for separate offenses by Korean courts.
Rapper Kim Jung Min of Seoul Connection was sentenced by the Seoul Central District Court to two years probation after he was found guilty of using marijuana.
(Clockwise from top left) Kim Jung Min, Kim Yong Joon, Jeong Jin-su, Lee Sung-jin, Jeon Chang-geol and Yeo Wook Hwan. (Photos courtesy of, Naver and

Prosecutors said Kim smoked marijuana inside a club in Seoul in December last year. Kim is planning to appeal the verdict.
Meanwhile, veteran comedian Jeong Jin-su was found guilty of violating the Road Traffic Act and was fined 7 million won (P283,627).
The Seoul Central District Court found Jeong guilty of driving under the influence when he hit a taxi in December last year in Gangnam, Seoul.
The taxi driver was injured and damages to the taxi was placed at 670,000 won (about P27,000). Jeong fled the scene.
As more Korean stars are getting involved in various scandals, TV station KBS, through the KBS Open Regulatory Review Committee, announced that it is banning other convicted artists including SG Wannabe singer Kim Yong Joon, singer Lee Sung-jin, actor Yeo Wook Hwan and comedian Jeon Chang-geol from appearing on TV and radio programs of the station.
Kim Yong Joon was found guilty of hit-and-run last May and had already spent eight months in prison. He was suspended from work for two years and was ordered to render 80 hours of community service.
With this decision, the number of banned entertainers on KBS has increased to 26, including Crown J, Shin Jung Hwan, Kim Sung Min and MC Mong.
Korean TV stations regularly ban celebrities who are found guilty by courts or involved in scandals and immoral behavior.
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