Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines offers Culture Classes

Good news for Filipinos who want to learn Korean culture. The Korean Cultural Center (KCC) in the Philippines is offering KCC Culture Classes. Registration will be until July 5 and classes will start on July 9. 

Here's the announcement from the KCC website: 

The Korean Cultural Center (KCC) opening in July this year paves the way for an interactive space for the growing interest of the Filipinos towards Korean culture.

 June 10-July 5, 2011

Taekwondo class*korean flute class
korean traditional dance class
korean cooking class
kpop singing class*kpop dancing class

Class Schedule:
JULY 9- SEPTEMBER 24, 2011

Free Tuition Fees!

Cultural Classes:
Korean Flute Class
Korean Dance Class
Kpop Singing Class
Taekwondo Class

Kpop Dance Class

register now!
by following these five (5) easy steps:
1.     Download the form from (under pressroom, click download. You can also download the attachments below).
2.     Submit via email:
3.     Wait for our confirmation.
4.     Pay the class materials fee (through BDO: Korean Embassy- KCC Class, Acct.# 5680055415)
5.     Come to class. See you in KCC!

A.   Even if the slots for KCC classes are limited, there is no limit to the no. of classes the student can
register in.  However, we are adopting a "first come, first serve policy."
B.   Age Limit: 10 years old and older except for the Taekwondo Class (6 years and older can join) and Cooking Classes (16 years and older).
C.  FREE TUITION FEES but students need to pay the class materials/training shirt fees of P500
(except for the KPOP class (P200) and the special cooking classes (P300 per class session) to
      cover  all  the necessary class materials.
D.   PLEASE REGISTER ON TIME. (June 8-July 5, 2011
E.    Students who PAID the class materials training shirt fees will be on the class list.
Please pay a week before the start of classes. However, please wait for our confirmation.
F.    We will not entertain refunds once the classes have started.
G.    For classes registration concerns, please contact the Program Coordinator at        or

For more information, go to

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