Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong: 'Woman Who Drinks Little Is Not Charming'

Singer Kim Hyun Joong appeared on the episode of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together” that aired on June 23, and talked about his individual ideal type of woman.

In the celebrity quiz corner of the episode, he said, “I attach importance to drinking capacity when I date a girl,” which aroused the curiosity of the audience. He continued, “It’s no fun meeting girlfriends who do not drink liquor. We can have an honest talk over a bottle. If my partner does not drink, there is little to talk about and we are apt to say goodbye early.” He emphasized, “My girlfriend should be able to drink to some degree.”
When the MCs asked him, “Can you tolerate your partner’s offensive acts in terms of language after drinking? What would you think if your girlfriend sleeps or cusses on the street? Could you accept her kleptomania after drinking?” He replied, “It depends on the kind of act in drunkenness. Cussing or sleeping on the street would not be tolerable. However, stealing something like side dishes would be accepted.” His remarks threw the audience into laughter.
After Kim Hyun Joong revealed his ideal type, Hyolyn, a member of Sistar, was asked about her liquor limit. She denied a previous remark about her drinking capacity, saying, “I drink all the drinks offered by others. I also like cocktails.” This also produced laughter in the audience.Appearing on Thursday’s episode, in addition to Kim and Hyolyn, were Hur Young Saeng, Youngmin and Kwangmin of Boyfriend. They showed their artistic talents and talked about various incidents. (KBS)

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