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C-JeS Announcement on JYJ's Activities as Honorary Ambassadors for Incheon Asian Games 2014

Hello.This is CJeS Entertainment.
JYJ are currently working as honorary ambassadors of the Incheon Asian Games 2014 (hereafter IAG).
This past February, the organizing committee of IAG has claimed about the background of choosing JYJ as honorary ambassadors, “For spreading awareness of the IAG’s across the nation and promoting it globally, we appointed JYJ who are gaining popularity throughout Asia as its ambassadors.”
Yesterday, <2013 Incheon Hallyu Tourism Concert (Hangeul): Incheon Korean Music Wave 2013 (English)> was held with a purpose of wishing for the success of the IAG. But its ambassador, JYJ did not attend the concert. Of course, we have raised a formal objection to the organizing committee because, from a common-sense point of view, it is unacceptable for JYJ, honorary ambassadors of the IAG, not to attend the event which has to do with promoting the IAG. After then, the IAG organizing committee agreed on our opinion and firmly requested the IAG’s organizer, supervisor, host broadcaster, etc.  to make a change in the cast list of the event.
Even after that, the IAG organizing committee, who was informed from the Incheon Development & Tourism Corporation (hereafter IDTC, formerly known as the Incheon Urban Development Corporation) that it is impossible to have JYJ at the event, clearly stated their view and requested again that it’s not that they want JYJ to perform at the concert, but to take part in the event program to introduce the IAG and announce their overseas promotional activities that will start in the latter half of this year on the stage because JYJ are the ambassadors of the IAG and the event is held for wishing for success of the IAG.
However, the host broadcaster MBC and the supervisor IDTC notified that it is impossible, again, even though the organizing committee’s request was the IAG promotion related.
This past July, the Korean Fair Trade Commission (hereafter KFTC) issued corrective orders to the organizations, who have been systematically obstructing JYJ’s broadcast activities, to cease their obstructive actions.
But as you see from this case too, a TV station is still obstructing JYJ’s broadcast activities irrespective of the legitimate reason. It is revealed that the entertainment industry is dominated by the strength of a giant entertainment management company and repeating unfair action despite the KFTC’s corrective orders.
2 years ago, JYJ experienced a similar case while having promotional activities as honorary ambassadors of Jeju Island’s 7 Wonders. But, even then, JYJ fulfilled their roles and duties as honorary ambassadors despite the concerns. It will be the same this time, too. JYJ are going to do their best to spread the excellence of the Korean culture and to raise the awareness of the IAG 2014 as its honorary ambassadors by making a tour of several Asian countries. Also, even without a ceremonial performance that is only specious, JYJ will carry out their responsibilities as genuine cultural ambassadors to promote Incheon city of Asia.
Lastly, we express our deep gratitude for the IAG organizing committee and mayor of Incheon city’s big efforts that they acknowledge both national and international values of the IAG’s honorary ambassadors JYJ despite facing the utter nonsensical external pressure, and tried their best to redress an injustice until the very end.
We announce JYJ’s overseas promotional activities of the IAG 2014 as follows:
- Singapore Roadshow – Conference video interview (September 26)
- Vietnam Roadshow – Media Event and Cultural Events (October 24)
- Guangzhou Roadshow – Media Event and Cultural Events (November 21)
- the Asian Games 100th Anniversary Media Event in Boracay (the end of November)
Read the previous post regarding excluding JYJ in the IAG 2014 concert lineup:
Translated by Sofia (@jaetaku) and source from CJeS official website

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