Monday, September 23, 2013

F(x)’s Amber takes a vacation in Palawan

By JONATHAN HICAP, Manila Bulletin
A member of popular K-pop girl group f(x) spent her birthday and Korean holiday with friends at a beach resort in Sabang, Palawan in the Philippines.

Amber, the Taiwanese American member of f(x), celebrated her 21st birthday last Sept. 18 which also coincided with Chuseok, or Korean Thanksgiving, a major holiday in South Korea and celebrated this year from Sept. 18 to 20.
Millions of people in South Korea went on vacation and visited their hometowns to be with their families to celebrate Chuseok.
For many celebrities, the Chuseok was the best time to go on vacation overseas and Amber chose to spend it in the Philippines.
Amber’s vacation in Palawan became known when her friend posted a photo on Instagram on Sept. 22.
Caroline Kim uploaded a photo Amber in Palawan.
“Fun times in palawan with these two …. byebye philippines @yimmyslice @ajol_llama,” the photo caption said. @ajol_llama is Amber’s username on Instagram.
Based on the previous photos Kim uploaded on Instagram, they flew from Incheon International Airport and arrived in Manila last Sept. 18.
“Philippinessssss I’m comin for you,” Kim tweeted.
Kim’s Instagram photos showed that they stayed at Sheridan Beach Resort & Spa in Sabang.
The group flew back to Manila last Sept. 22 before going back to South Korea. Kim spent a couple of hours in Manila including meeting her Filipino-American friend and spending time with him at the Mall of Asia.
“Philippines is very beautiful. Look forward to coming back,” Kim tweeted, adding that “Next time if I go to the Philippines ill be sure not to come back home so bruised up. Guess I got too excited.”
Filipino fans were surprised to learn that Amber visited the Philippines.
Some of the comments on Instagram included “Hope u enjoy ur vacation here,” and “My Amber, I miss you Amber.”
Others said, “We hope you all enjoyed Palawan! Please come back and try some other places” and “First I was in shock because amber is in the Philippines but I’m also happy. Thank you for visiting Philippines! Next time you should bring all members of f(x)!”
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