Monday, September 2, 2013

Hyori gets married + wedding pics; model-golfer couple divorced

By JONATHAN HICAP, Manila Bulletin
K-pop diva Lee Hyori, 34, and her boyfriend, musician Lee Sang Soon, 39, secretly got married in a private ceremony on Sept. 1.

The wedding ceremony was held at the singer's home in Jeju Island and attended only by the couple's families and selected friends.
The two and their agencies kept the ceremony a secret.
There were talks in July that the two would get married in September but Hyori's agency, B2M Entertainment, denied the rumors.
Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon met in 2011 and have been a couple ever since.
The couple planned to have a small ceremony instead of a big wedding, Lee Hyori said.
"We never even planned on having a big wedding. Instead, we will be having dinner with our parents and siblings that will serve as a meeting between the families and a wedding,” she tweeted in July, according to ENewsWorld.
She added that they would tie the knot without a formal wedding ceremony.
“I’ve always wanted to have a small and quiet wedding if I ever got married and Sang Soon oppa and our family agreed, so we will be getting married without a formal ceremony. For this important day that I hope will only happen once , I would like to spend a quiet but meaningful time with Sang Soon and our family," she said.
While the two have begun their life as a newly wed couple, two celebrities have ended their marriage after nearly two years.  
Model Marco and professional golfer Ahn Shi-Hyun have decided to part ways stemming from a domestic fight in June.
In June, the golfer called the police after Marco assaulted her in their home. Marco allegedly hit Ahn Shi-Hyun in the face.
Marco was arrested but was released after his wife decided not to press charges.
With the divorce, Ahn Shi-Hyun has kept custody of the couple's first baby, who was born in May last year.
The two got married in November 2011. Marco has appeared in dramas but became known when he was paired with singer Son Dambi in the TV reality show "We Got Married" in 2008.
Ahn Shi-Hyun won the CJ Nine Bridges Classic  golf tournament in Korea in 2003.

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