Friday, September 27, 2013

Korean stars in dating issues

By JONATHAN HICAP, Manila Bulletin
Several Korean stars have been dragged into dating issues this week including f(x)’s Sulli and rapper Choiza.
(Clockwise from top left) Sulli, Yoo Gi An, Soyeon, Oh Jong Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin and Choiza (Photos from

Sulli, 19, and Choiza, 33, member of the hip hop team Dynamic Duo were embroiled in a dating scandal after Korean entertainment site TV Report released a video showing the two holding hands while walking in Seoul.
A photo surfaced online showing the two drinking beer together.
SM Entertainment, f(x)’s agency, denied that the two are dating and said they are just close.
“Choiza is just a senior artist who Sulli follows like an older brother. They are definitely not dating. As they are quite close, they meet with each other often,” said the agency, according to ENewsWorld.
Amoeba Culture, Dynamic Duo’s music label, quoted Choiza as saying that they were not dating.
“After checking with Choiza, we found out that they are not dating each other. They really are close friends,” the agency said.
On the other hand, actor and model Kim Woo Bin and model Yoo Gi An have been revealed to be a couple.
But a controversy erupted not about their relationship but about gift from a fan to the actor. After it became known that the two are a couple, netizens criticized Kim Woo Bin for giving a shirt he received from a fan to Yoo Gi An.
The t-shirt, a limited edition Balmain, costing 1 million won (about P40,000) was the fan’s birthday gift to the actor.
However, Yoo Ga An posted a photo of herself wearing the same shirt on Instagram, which drew accusations from netizens that it was the shirt that the fan gave to Kim Woo Bin.
T-ara’s Soyeon and Click B’s Oh Jong Hyuk, meanwhile, are also in a relationship. The two have been a couple for three years.
“They’re a couple that’s dated a long time. Please encourage them since they are meeting each other beautifully,” said Oh Jong Hyuk’s agency, DSP Media, according to ENewsWorld.
T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media, also confirmed the news.
“After we checked with her, they are in a relationship,” it said.
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