Tuesday, September 3, 2013

JYJ to visit the Philippines in November

By JONATHAN HICAP, Manila Bulletin
K-pop boy band JYJ will visit the Philippines in November as honorary ambassador to promote the 17th Asian Games that will be held in Incheon, South Korea, next year.
The popular group is scheduled to do a roadshow to promote the Games in four countries starting this month.
JYJ members Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun with Asian Games Organizing Committee President Kim Young-soo (Photo courtesy of 2014 Asian Incheon Games website)

According to C-JeS Entertainment, the band's agency, JYJ will attend a video conference interview for Singapore on Sept. 26followed by media and cultural events in Vietnam and Guangzhou, China, on Oct. 24 and Nov. 21, respectively.
JYJ is scheduled to go to an Asian Games media event in Boracay in Aklan in southern Philippines at the end of November.
The band was appointed as honorary ambassador of the Incheon Asian Games in February.
However, certain parties are preventing JYJ from promoting Asian Games in their own country.
Despite that the band is the honorary ambassador of the Games, JYJ was excluded from attending the Incheon Korean Music Wave 2013 concert held last Sept. 1 at the Incheon Munhak World Cup Stadium.
About 40,000 fans went to the concert which was participated in by 20 K-pop groups including Girls' Generation, Super Junior, KARA, FT Island, EXO, miss A, BEAST and 2AM.
According to the 2014 Incheon Asian Games website, the concert "was part of a series of events to mark the one year remaining until the opening of the Games on September 19, 2014."
C-JeS said JYJ was not included in the concert despite that it raised a formal objection to the organizing committee.
"Of course, we have raised a formal objection to the organizing committee because, from a common sense point of view, it is unacceptable for JYJ, honorary ambassadors of the IAG, not to attend the event which has to do with promoting the IAG," C-JeS said, according to a translation by fansite Jaetaku on Wordpress.com.
The agency said the Games organizing committee sided with it and requested people in charge of the concert including TV station MBC, the host TV station of the event, to include JYJ.
The organizing committee was informed by the Incheon Development and Tourism Corporation (IDTC) that it was impossible to have JYJ at the event.
According to C-JeS, the committee's request was not for JYJ to perform at the concert but only to introduce the Incheon Asian Games and announce their upcoming overseas promotional activities.
MBC and IDTC turned down the committee's request, C-JeS said.
JYJ has been unable to perform on TV music and entertainment programs in South Korea since 2010 stemming from a legal dispute between the boy band and SM Entertainment.
Last November, JYJ and SM Entertainment settled their legal problem.
Last July, Korea's Fair Trade Commission issued an order against entertainment and media organizations in Korea that have obstructed JYJ's TV appearances.
Despite the order and the lawsuit settlement, JYJ is still being prevented from appearing on TV.
C-JeS said despite the roadblocks, JYJ is committed to spreading Korean culture and raising awareness about the Asian Incheon Games, which will be held from September to October 2014 in South Korea.
C-JeS thanked the Games organizing committee and the mayor of Incheon for acknowledging the importance of JYJ as honorary ambassadors of the Asian Games.
"JYJ are going to do their best to spread the excellence of the Korean culture and to raise the awareness of the IAG 2014 as its honorary ambassadors by making a tour of several Asian countries," the agency said.

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